Corporate Trainings Solutions

Kinds of Trainings Offered


Building the selling skills of your sales force and building relationships is a very effective tool for gaining business. PRAXIS HR offers a whole range of sales management training solutions starting with conducting a needs diagnostic study, understanding the skill and process gaps and developing customized solutions. Training and coaching on modules like essential selling skills, sales and distribution management skills, advanced selling skills, etc form a part of the corporate sales training consultancy solutions.


Customer relationship management training programs focus on best practices, strategies and techniques to improve customer experience and are meant for all levels starting from new recruits to seasoned professionals at the client organizations.


Following are the trainings performed
  • Communication skills
  • Presentation skills
  • Probing
  • Interpersonal skills
  • Negotiation skills
  • Effective planning
  • Creative thinking
  • Multitasking
  • Coaching & Mentoring
  • Success by choice
  • Motivational training
  • Creative problem solving
  • Decision making


Following are the trainings performed
  • Advanced Leadership Development Program
  • Basic Leadership Development Program
  • Coaching and Mentoring
  • Strategic Thinking & Change Management
  • Performance Management


Efficient time management is the key to getting the most out of your day—and to surviving the increased business pressure brought about by economic turmoil. From managing email to juggling your time on multiple projects, PRAXIS HR will help you reach your goals by learning how to budget your time wisely and effectively—and help you rethink and reprioritize on a moment’s notice.


Praxis HR specialises in creating custom made training programs that suit and cater to specific challenges and issues faced by HR teams at all levels. Customised programs are designed, developed and delivered. The workshops conducted by Praxis HR are solution focussed and include a range of training methodologies such as role plays, group exercises, individual activities, videos, case studies, facilitation, discussions, etc. While certain programs like developing interviewing skills and the use of competencies focus on attracting the right talent into organizations in the right manner, programs on balanced score card, performance management, employee engagement and training for trainers help in retaining the right talent and growing it to ensure the organization's objectives are met. Certain niche programs under the HR training umbrella also focus on developing the right HR strategy for the organization and ensuring the successful implementation of such strategies.


We’ve helped organizations implement transformative learning and development initiatives, such as:
  • Improving the speed of informed decision-making.
  • Grooming high-potential employees for career opportunities and retention.
  • Developing sustainable financial acumen as a component of succession planning.
  • Driving a culture of owner/entrepreneur thinking at all levels of the business.
  • Managing change due to a merger or acquisition, growth, or shifts in executive strategy.
  • Aligning department initiatives (HR, finance, engineering, sales, etc.) with business imperatives.

An investment in custom business acumen training will yield huge dividends on an individual and organizational level. We’ll work with you to co-create a course that’s integrated with your people and corporate strategy and continue to work with you to implement follow-up activities to maximize the return on your investment.

Psycometric Test

Level-A (Level-1): Understanding and measuring capability (IQ, Aptitude, Knowledge, Competence etc.).
Level-B (Level-2): Understanding and measuring personality (Interest, Personality Traits, Personality Type, Values, Talents, Behavioral Strengths etc.).

Technical Training

Technical trainings are often most time-consuming to develop within an organization. However, it is evident that the time, energy as well as money invested in technical training can increase skills for of employees and improves productivity for companies. Employees who stay on top of technical advancements through training and certification programs can experience greater Careers opportunities. Thus it is important for organizations to ensure that their employees have ample opportunities of the same.technical trainings can be made impactful by aligning it to the learner's preferences. At Praxis, we make technical training engaging by re-thinking on the content and not just concentrate on technical details. We include practical examples or case studies to make the content more engaging and effective. It helps learners extract the knowledge out of the learning module and actually apply it to their work.