Recruitment Process Management
Our Recruitment Processing Management solutions are tailored to assist the Internal HR teams in various enterprises in completing a cost and time efficient, qualitative and speedy hiring process. Right from the onset of mapping business requirement onto Information Management and Applicant tracking system, we provide you a complete and thorough service. This involves:
  • A Requirement registration and approval;
  • A CV receipt and logging;
  • A CV distribution;
  • A CV review and feedback;
  • A Interview arrangement;
  • A Placement confirmation;
  • A Audit trail;
  • A Process review;
  • A Internal management reporting.
  • A Sharing candidates between requirements.

With an all-time fluctuation in workload and demand, temporary/contract staffing has become a major component of this particular process. The aim of our solutions is to give you the kind of employee who is the best fit in your company.