Consulting Services
Executive hires are among the most important decisions an organization will make, with hires often making or breaking the business. Executive search and recruitment is an intricate, time-consuming process, and many top companies recognize the value of expert assistance in this area.
Through our long relationships, our clients have come to rely on us for our consulting experience in getting the right fit for their job search requirements. We work with the clients on each of the aspects of the hiring process to provide the best results, which includes:
  • Evaluation of the Client Need
  • Understanding Client requisites for positions to be filled
  • Draft prepared on all data collected and submitted to Consultant team for evaluation
  • Recruitment Plan made focusing on Industry search and Networking
  • Candidates Database is made and screened based on Requirements
  • Technical / Non-technical interview done by Client
  • Compensation Review done in presence of Client and Candidate
  • Placement formalities completed
  • Monitoring of Candidates done post placement

Our specialized consulting services are designed to effectively handle the entire recruitment process of our clients focusing on speed of delivery, quality of talent & accountability. The scalable and customized solutions crafted according to the clients unique needs drives measurable improvements in hiring timelines and recruitment costs for the business.